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"This is mine hall of art. Every work thou seest here was created by me. If thou wouldst like to use any of these for any reason, or request a drawing for thyself, please contact me. And, of course, compliments are always welcome."

Disclaimer: I no longer draw freebies, so please don't ask. :)


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Tablet-drawn. Maiko's a 'privateer' of the Mantis Clan. 10/11/07

Tablet-drawn. A kitsune monk. Keichi is a fox spirit, hence the foreground art. ;) 22/10/07

Tablet-drawn. Garreth is a rogue and a tiefling. One of his demony-aspects is his red, snake-like eyes. 20/10/07

Tablet-drawn. Shinobu's a teenage girl of the Snake Clan, and somehow possesses a fragment of Jin's memories. Her clothes were inspired by some monk armour in Guild Wars. 4/10/07

Tablet-drawn. Typhenon's a cleric of the Three. I started using a different tactic with the tablet here... the earlier art had all been freestyle. With this one, I used a picture as a background to serve as the base. 20/8/07

Firestyle (coloured)
This was a random pen sketch. I scanned it then altered the colours. I was extremely happy with the result. Thinking of putting it on a t-shirt or something. :) 30/7/07

Tablet-drawn. Kakalkun is of the Shyless, a lizardy like creature. They are not meant to look as draconic as this, apparently, but hey... I draw dragons. ;) And the player was very happy with the result anyway. 25/6/07

Tablet-drawn. Jin of the Snake Clan. Alas, for now he is dead. And was reincarnated as Shinobu (above). 25/6/07

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Another tablet picture. Isadora the bard. 23/6/07

My first attempt at a pic with my new Wacom Graphics Tablet! My RP character Sang, a samurai of the Crab Clan. 21/6/07

Smirking Dragon
A detailed dragon head and neck. Happy with this one :) 17/6/07

Lonely Dragon (coloured)
A full colour gold dragon with black wings, standing in the desert at sunset. The sunset was photographed by myself and tweaked for colour balance. 6/5/07

Flying Dragon
A sketch, so don't expect stunning shading on this one. :) I was experimenting with a different perspective, so here's an above-and-rear shot of a flying dragon. 5/3/07

A human! There was, briefly, a Vampire RP game going down here, and my character's name was Astrid. This was a vague concept sketch of her before she turned into a Nosferatu. 30/1/07

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Wish Upon a Star (coloured)
The coloured version of Windswept (done late 2005). You never know who... or what... might be watching... 30/12/06

From the current RP D&D group, this is a concept drawing of Lauren's bard 'Isadora'. 21/12/06

A sketch of a dragon... attempting to be sneaky. Keep your eye on this one. He's up to something... 20/11/06

Flyin' and Fryin'
He's meant to be breathing fire, but that kind of thing never looks too impressive in greylead (or at least, my greylead). Thinking of merging this one with another pic and colouring the whole. We'll see. 13/9/06

Kuni Sang (front) 
Another attempt at my Crab samurai, this time from the front. She doesn't really use her katana and wakizashi at the same time, except as part of kata. 12/9/06

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Did I spell his name right?? Probably not. From the current RP D&D group, this is a concept drawing of Russel's character (sans armour). It's meant to be a skink sorta creature. Apparently it's too cute though. :) 1/9/06

Lords of Sky and Flame (coloured)
The dragon in this piece was done in greylead. I then coloured it and created the background in Photoshop. I really like how this one turned out. I couldn't upload a higher quality version because I'm running out of space here, but if you want it emailed I can oblige. 13/5/06

Kuni Sang (greylead)
I've recently joined a pen and paper roleplaying group, and this is my first attempt at my samurai character Kuni Sang. 1/5/06

Daelin and Isadora (coloured)
Two friends from Ultima Legacy. 6/4/06

Dragon Head (coloured)
This was inspired by a wallpaper I found online. I only wish the art could compare *sigh* Still, it turned out quite nicely. 5/4/06


Fire Scimitar (coloured)
While being commissioned to do a logo, this was one of the discarded concepts. Silhouetted man's head, shoulder and arm, with the hand grasping the hilt of a flaming sword. 16/12/05

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Windswept (greylead)
Greylead dragon perched on rocks. Front-on view. Might try to colour this one at some point. 12/05

Tailrace Dragon
Done as a Christmas gift for my long-suffering fanfic editor. :) 12/05

Elemental Tattoo (coloured)
This was a request by a Legacy player. He wanted my impressions of what the Elemental Tattoo in the Phasetower looked like so he could get it done as a real tattoo. This is what I came up with. 12/05

Fire-breathing Dragon (greylead)
I intend to colour this one at some point. I wanted a dragon that seemed to doing something rather than a stationary pose. So this guy's my 'attack dragon' I guess. :) 7/10/05

Emerald Dragon (coloured)
I like to call this one 'the bastard'. I couldn't get his wings in a pose I felt good about, and redid them almost as many times as I usually spend on claws. Anyway, he's green, with gold/orange wings. I did like how the colouring turned out. 16/7/05

Warder Dragon (coloured)
Done as a gift for a friend. :) 24/6/05

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Dark_Sol Dragon (coloured)
Requested from a friend, who asked me to draw what I think his dragon persona would look like. ;) That's meant to be a d20 hovering above his claw. If you don't know what a d20 is, you're not worthy of being called a geek. ;) 31/5/05

Shadowspawn Dragon (coloured)
Originally drawn near the end of 2004, I decided to colour it in with Photoshop. Doesn't look too shabby. Plus... sparkles are pretty. ^^ 11/5/05

Three headed, winged 'dragon'. Could probably never get off the ground... and even if it could, would probably argue with itself over where to go, heh. 22/4/05

Aryceillan from Ultima Legacy. Sorcerer from Numarth with an affinity for fire, daemons, menacing people and organising the Britain library. Coloured. 16/3/05

Sol Silverglade
Another pic of Sol Silverglade from Ultima Legacy. Mage, smith, and Keeper of the Flame (read: He likes dragons ^^). Coloured. 15/3/05

Altes from Ultima Legacy. Necromancer, botanist, pacafist, optimist-with-a-death-wish, vegetarian and prejudiced against anyone who kills anything. Killing is bad! But animating the corpse afterwards is ok. Coloured. 15/3/05

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Rivan and Kandheir
Two more characters from Ultima Legacy. Rivan's a Britannian gypsy from the desert, Kandheir's a warrior from Atarka. Together, THEY FIGHT CRIME! (Or, in Rivan's case, set taverns on fire with explosive pies). Coloured. 15/3/05

Meridith from Ultima Legacy, admiring her new mytheril sword. I hate drawing hands, so I was very pleased with the one on the sword blade. Can't say the same for the one on the hilt, but oh well. :) Coloured. 14/3/05

Warder (Sneaksing(tm))
Warder from Ultima Legacy, same deal as Sad Elora. The background isn't too good, but I wasn't trying for anything other than 'not white'. His armour turned out nicely, though. Coloured. 14/3/05

Sad Elora | Coloured
This was just a rough pen sketch I drew while bored at work. It turned out ok, so I cut it out with a blade, took it home, scanned it and coloured it with Photoshop. Not spectacular, but I got a few compliments on it. :) 8/3/05

Who Flies the Night | Coloured
Another phoenix picture. I've grown fond of fiery colours and feathers. I tried a different method to the other phoenix pic, and it turned out pretty good. Experimented with the background. Behold, my first moon and starfield! 8/2/05

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Shadowspawn Dragon
I have plans for this guy. :) Anyway, this is one I'm really pleased on how it turned out. Might I stress how much I hate drawing claws? I had to erase the damn things so many times before I got something I liked the look of. 19/10/04

Dravyn Darkmoor
Everyone's favourite liche PC of Ultima Legacy. He's a complete bastard. But a cool one. 23/7/04

Undead Dragon
Dravyn Darkmoor of Ultima Legacy wanted me to do another Dracoliche. I was too laze to go through drawing bones, so I tried something else. 17/6/04

Sol Silverglade
Sol Silverglade, a friend from Ultima Legacy, guildmaster of the Sacred Order of the Wyrm. Pretend his pointy hat is crooked - I forgot to rescan the finished result before I sent it to him. :). Undated... AGAIN. 2004

Sleeping Wyrmling
Baby dwagon all curled up, fast asleep. Forget what date I drew this, as I didn't sign it on the pic... 2004

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Phoenix | Coloured
Ok, this one wasn't a request. It was inspired by a pic Sol drew of his own mage and the phoenix Dawnfire. I was going to draw Sol in it as well, but he can draw himself better than I can. ;) Ultima Legacy again. 17/12/03

Sir Mythrantar | Coloured
A request from Mythrantar in Ultima Legacy. He asked for valorite armour, which is sort of pale blue, his silver dragonscale tunic and mace. And, of course, his shield of the Order of the Silver Serpent. 6/12/03

Ultima Legacy: Elora | Coloured
Another attempt at my character in Ultima Legacy. Check out the l33t bow! And the boots! I can never be happy with faces or trying to draw human 'shapes', but I can be proud of bows and boots, damnit! Took me about three hours or so. Then Moriens Garthon (aka Ralph Damiani) comes along and draws this in half an hour. In MSPaint!! I tell you, there's no justice. Damn these 'real' artists and their ill-gotten talents... :) 28/11/03

Warder | Coloured
In his original greylead, or coloured/texturised in Photoshop :) It's not my fault he wears a lot of green, either. Anyway, Warder's a friend of mine (and Elora's) from Ultima Legacy. 24/11/03

Wings | Inverted
Greylead dragon standing on all fours. Side on view, wings arching over. 15/11/03

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Shadow of Light's Crest
Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Final
Initially started as a small greylead picture. A dragon with wings but no legs. Then I scanned it and redrew it in Illustrator, complete with gradient meshes. Then I made a mirror image of it, inverting the colours. Then I added some sparkly highlights and a background. Then I put it on the front page of my website. :) 23/5/03

Greylead, and I had to change the brightness/contrast to make the lines clearer, sorry. I was sort of trying to envision the Ultima Legacy Elora as a mage here. 23/5/03

Tailrace Dragon wanted to know what the drakelings of Tarna in The Black Ankh look like. So here's one crouching over and looking cute. Normally they run upright on their hind legs. 23/5/03

Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4 | Stage 5 | Stage 6 | Final
So now that I have a scanner, let's see if I scan a picture in its progressive stages. This is a Balforian... one of the evil Shadow Dragons of Ultima Legacy... 29/3/03 - ??/4/03

What The?
Black pen, dragon sketch. Flying, cutish critter. Light entertainment while at my parents'. Named because when I walked away from the pic my sister wrote "What the?" next to it. :) 22/3/03

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Dragon Orb
Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4
The request: "Can you make one of that dragon centered frontal view with wings spanned out a bit on top of a silver metallic ball? You know, palms and claws around the ball... decent wingspan and 100% symmetrical down the center..." The results? See for yourself! 15-22/3/03

A while back someone emailed me asking for a dragon breathing fire. Unfortunately I had a system crash and had to reformat my hard drive - bye bye emails, addresses, and picture specifications. ;) Anyway, this one's in response to that email. 7/3/03

Dragon Chess
Dragon playing chess. Probably with himself so he'll win. ;) On the other hand, 'someone' would have to lose... 28/2/03

Dragon Cliff
Greylead dragon perched atop a cliff. Very detailed shading, especially in the rocks. Turned out very well. 22/2/03

Lauren's Dragon
Scaled greylead dragon, inverted. Taken with a digital camera, not scanned. ;) Dedicated to Lauren! 31/1/03

The Grey Hunter | Inverted
Concept sketch of the Grey Hunter. If you don't know what that is, think 'large undead cat with nasty powers...' If you know what a trilkhun is you have an even closer idea. ;) Created for the second last book of The Black Ankh. Currently terrorising the players of Ultima Legacy. 24/1/03

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Curious Dragon
Front-on dragon instead of my usual side view. Turned out well. 22/11/02

Shrimp Dragon | Inverted
The name's Alison's fault. Ok, so it did look vaguely shrimplike because of its shape... 15/11/02

Ultima Legacy: Elora
Been playing a bit of Ultima Legacy (a great role-playing Ultima Online shard), and here's the first concept art of my character. Yes, I named her Elora... 17/8/02

Colour! A dragony creature with a long tail, twining with its own flame. 10/8/02

Are You Talkin' To Me?
Dragon's head and neck, side on. It started off as just the eye, then expanded. 10/8/02

Just Another Dragon | Inverted
Greylead dragon standing with one foreclaw raised, wings outspread. 10/8/02

Running Dragon | Inverted
Greylead dragon running. I drew this guy on a bus from Tahoe to Vegas, and he turned out really well. 12/3/02

Dragon of Storm and Cloud
Greylead dragon, more snake-like than I usually draw. 5/3/02

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Bronze Dragon
Greylead dragon, crouching with wings outstretched overhead. Don't know wht I called it 'bronze'. ;) 22/2/02

Sitting Dragon
Greylead dragon sitting. 22/2/02

Metallic Dragon
Using Dragonflame as a template, I drew Metallic Dragon in Illustrator and edited him in Photoshop. 16/4/02

Dragon Profile
Greylead dragon head. 9/2/02

Greylead dragon, almost completely enfolded by its own wings... watching. 8/2/02

Looking Back
Greylead dragonling sitting up and looking away. 4/2/02

Flying Dragon
Greylead dragon soaring across the skies. 26/1/02

Silky Dragon | Inverted
Greylead dragon perched on a tall rock. Hide instead of scales. 25/1/02

Imperious Dragon
Greylead dragon lazing atop a cliff, wings outspread. 20/1/02

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Greylead dragon, young, sitting upright. 17/10/01

Greylead dragon's head and neck, glaring balefully. ;) 13/10/01

Dragonflame | Inverted
Greylead dragon breathing fire. This is one I am particularly proud of! 4/10/01

Greylead human. This is more or less what I picture Kra'lysie, a character from my fanfiction The Black Ankh, to look like in human form. 29/8/01

Greylead dragon, small, surmounting a soul crystal, otherwise known as a dragonstone. 27/8/01

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Stylized Dragon 2 | Inverted
Greylead stylized dragon image. I'm starting to like this style. :) 23/8/01

Cliffside Dragon
Greylead dragon standing on a cliff and staring imperiously at the horizon. ;) Something I did while waiting for lunch. 18/8/01

Contest Sketch | Completed
Greylead dragon image. This is in preparation for a contest in my Drakan clan for creating an icon. The finished product is there also. 17/8/01

Stylized Dragon | Inverted
Greylead stylized dragon with funky wings. Small, but I must say I like this one! ;) 6/8/01

Dragon Disciple
Greylead half-human half-dragon. This is a new class in AD&D, and I wondered what my character's initial reaction would be if she discovered she was one... 16/7/01

Dragon Rampant
Black pen on white card. Nothing fancy - I got bored and someone gave me a pen. ;) 7/7/01

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Walking Dragon
Black pen on white card. Same story as the previous picture, though slightly better drawing in my humble opinion. ;) 7/7/01

Stealthy Dragon | Inverted
Greylead dragon, stalking. Different model - more cat-like body. 5/7/01

Crouching Dragon | Inverted
Greylead dragon, crouching. I rather like this one... shows up the muscles well. 2001

Ethereal Dragon
Greylead dragon. More of an outline. 2001

Insignia | Inverted
Greylead, inverted. Dragon and Ankh, dedicated to the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter. :) 2001

Mreerclar the Firelizard
Coloured pencils. Red and gold firelizard hatching. 11/2/01

Flying Dragon | Inverted
Greylead dragon, flying and breathing fire. 31/1/01


Sha'o'el's Crest
Greylead black dragon and white dragon, facing off, tails intertwined. Sort of a yin yang thing, I suppose. 5/12/00

Greylead unicorn. 20/12/00

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Tarshaeva/Shadow of Light Dragon
Greylead of my dragon. :) 19/12/00

Dracolich | Inverted
Greylead, skeletal dragon. 15/12/00

Nightfire Dragon
Greylead dragon, dedicated to Nightfire of the UDIC. My first greylead pic, actually. :) 2000

Coloured pencil human. Firetalon, the Bloodbound Wyrmguard! Dedicated to Firetalon herself. ;) 30/7/00

Coloured pencil human. High Wayfarer Wolfe of the Blood That Binds! Dedicated to [CYA]Wolfe. 23/7/00

Sea Serpent
Coloured pen/pencil sea serpent and ship. One of the more crappy ones I mentioned, and done in the margins of my homework, as promised.2000

Coloured pencil, black dragon Tarshaeva and her Bonded Sha'o'el. Margin drawing that became quite nice...2000

Bloodbound in Flight
Coloured pencil, white dragon Tarshaeva and her Bonded Sha'o'el. Another margin drawing that didn't turn out too badly.2000

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Green Dragon
Coloured pen/pencil, sleeping green dragon. Another margin pic.2000

Greylead baby dwagon. :) Margin pic, but a cute one. 2000



Shadow of Light
Coloured pencil, first concept of my draconic persona. :) Originally done on lined paper, which were edited out with Photoshop (the lines, that is, not the paper). Lens flare added and some blurring/sharpening effects used. 1999
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Freitag's First Flight
Coloured pen/pencil golden dragon, breathing fire. I'm pretty sure this was done in...1999

Coloured pen/pencil, an attempt at Elora the Avatar that I never got around to finishing. 1999

Inferior coloured pencils on inferior computer paper (the stuff with perforated edges). Still turned out ok. ;) 1998

Dragon Canyon
Coloured pencil scene of a story I was writing once. I put this into an art competition in high school and got equal third prize. I was always quite proud of this one, not in the least because it took me so long, heh. If you're curious, the black mark across the dragony-creature's midsection was supposed to be a shadow from the bridge, but it didn't turn out right at all. Unfortunately, it's hard to erase mistakes in full-colour pencil art...  1997

Dragon Cave
Colour pencils. Gold and Blue dragons in a cave. I liked colour back then. :) 1996

Sunrunners' Fire
Colour pencils. This I drew in imitation of Michael Whelan's 'Dragonfire' picture, which was on the cover of Melanie Rawn's 'Sunrunners' Fire' book. An excellent read, btw. This pic I learned the wonders of blending colour. :) 1995

Dragon Knight
This is the picture that started it all! Yes, I'd been drawing long before this, but this is what I will always think of as my 'first picture'. By that I mean that this was the first one I actually attempted to turn into a work of art. ;) It isn't, but it started a long love affair with the art of dragons, and the art of drawing. 1995

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