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Virge's Silly Scrapbook
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The Bastard Operator From Hell

Book-A-Minute SF/F
Canonical List of Famous Last Words
The Evil Overlord List
Lazarus' Redemption Prophecy
The Lord of the Rings Very Secret Diaries
The Order of the Stick

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Bleeding World
Here Be Dragons
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The greatest role-playing series of all time, Ultima came to its end in 2001 with the release of "Ulima IX: Ascension" and the disbanding of its creators, Origin. The Ultima Series spans an impressive twelve games, not including the two Worlds of Ultima games, Akalabeth or Ultima Online.

The series has spawned a gigantic fan base called the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter and a huge collection of websites known as the Ring of Dragons. Therein you can find almost anything you'd want to know about the series, including walkthroughs, music, original transcripts, maps and cheats.

The games are now rare to come by in stores, so your best bet is looking for them second-hand on eBay, Ultima forums or the newsgroup.

The Codex of Editable Wisdom
Dino's Ultima Page

Dragon Press
Goldenflame's Demesne
Hacki's Ultima Page
Houston Dragon's Ultima Homepage
Mysterious Sosaria
The Other Codex
The Ring of Dragons
The Wayward Avatar
Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter

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Ultima Legacy

Play-by-Post Roleplaying, set in the Ultima universe between the times of Serpent Isle and Pagan. There is also a UO server, but it's currently out of action. But you can join the posting fun. :) 

Ultima Legacy

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Ultima Remakes

Some dedicated fans of the Ultima Series have set themselves the task of reviving the games with modern graphics, music, extended dialogue and new quests. They are doing this non-profit, on their own time and purely for the love of the games. They will all be free to download, but most, if not all, will require an installation of the original Ultima games in order to be played, for copyright reasons.

Note that Exult is not exactly a remake. It's a free program by some wonderful Ultima fans that gets Ultima VII parts one and two working under later versions of Windows.

Ultima V: Lazarus - Completed! Play it now!
Ultima VI: Project
Ultima VII: Exult
The Titans of Ether

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