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"Welcome to the hall of poetry. At present, all my work is listed alphabetically and I have neglected to date most of them.
Ah, well... I've always said poems are timeless."

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| World of Shattered Friendships |


Written in the shape... of an ankh.

Growing nearer,
Gathering ‘round the light,
Consuming human wisdom
And defeating human
Nothing can resist this force
This tide of midnight pure
Or seest
Thou an
A hero?
Who will

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Written during a period of inspiration for my friends in The Blood That Binds.

Don thine armour, gird thy blade,
Never let thy courage fade.
I'll fight with thee.

Help the helpless, aid the weak,
Oppose the wicked, truly speak.
I'll honour thee.

Stay by me and never run,
Back to back 'til battle's done.
I'll stand with thee.

Speak thy mind with open heart,
Chatter, role-play, joke, rant, fight.
I'll listen to thee.

Make me laugh or lend thine ears,
Calm a storm of dragon tears.
I'll die for thee.

Know my spirit, know my soul,
Know my faults, forgive them all.
I'll live for thee.


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"Dark Tide"

Written for part six of The Black Ankh.

Hear the waves of evil,
Touch the winds of night,
Taste the salts of sorrow,
Of those lost to the light.
Breathe the scents of hopelessness,
Watch and do not flee,
The Tides of Darkness rolling in
To take you out to sea.

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"Death's Avatar"

Written for part five of The Black Ankh.

My blade's a shard of midnight sky,
It holdeth Death's own sting.
None may stand before its power,
No creature, man or king.
I ride on wings of crimson flame,
My steed a beast of yore.
Faster than the winds of night
We streak o'er sea and shore.
Born to wage and end all war
We are, my mount and I.
Our shadow flees 'cross forest... field...
And all beneath it die.

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Written during a Short Story class in university.

Where do you think
The Dragon flies?
Over the Earth
And under the Skies?

Above the Waters
And oceans deep?
Through the Flame
And scorching heat?

'Cross Time and Space,
Some legends say,
Between the worlds,
Come night or day.

At one time, though,
The Dragon soared,
Through Space and Time,
Flame and Water,
Skies and Earth,
Then home to its hoard.

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"Fare Thee Well"

Written to my friends in The Blood That Binds when I went temporarily offline.

Fare thee well, friends, do not weep,
I am not dead, I'm just asleep.
In my darkened caves of stone,
Denied the deep blue skies to roam,
I'll dream of days when I flew free,
Beside my friends and next to thee.
Fear thee not, for I'll return,
This flame in my blood will forever burn.
So 'ere I wake, until that time,
Virtue always and ever be thine.

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"I Love All Typerkillers"

Written in Aptil 2002 when people were complaining about Typerkillers in the Surreal-News Drakan forums.

I love all typerkillers,
'Cause when they cross my road,
I get a fuzzy feeling
When my sword makes them explode.

A TK has no manners,
And certainly no class.
So I take satisfaction
Ramming objects up her arse.

She doesn't really like this.
She thinks it isn't fair.
She says she has a right to kill
People who just stand there.

Too bad for her I am nearby
When those bad words are said...
So I swiftly run behind her
And relieve her of her head.

Again she is offended!
But I always expect this...
So when she comes for sweet revenge
I hack her into gibs.

She'll come back again, of course,
These TKs have their pride.
I can't thank her enough for this
Great chance to tan her hide.

So I love all typerkillers!
Let all remember that
The best deterrent to them
Is by making them go 'splat'.

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"In Blood Forever Bound"

Written when I joined The Blood That Binds in Feb 2000.

'Cross Drakan's skies you've reached this place,
Past dangers you have come,
Stay and see by what we're joined;
What binds us one by one...

When Truth is all you know to speak,
But kindly it is told,
By Light your Soul is Taken;
Never fail to lose your hold...

"For we can do nothing against the Truth,
but for the Truth."

When Courage lives in all your ways,
From evil, you've not fled,
Your spirit's of a Drakan-eer
And you have Naught to Dread...

"Be of good Courage and
it will strangthen your heart."

When you would risk it all for Love -
For friends, your Life you'd Give,
Death is not a threat to you;
You've truly learned to live...

"Greater Love has no one than this,
than to lay down one's life for his friends."

When Honour's all you fight with and
By Flame your heart is found,
You'll know yourself to be like us;
In Blood forever Bound.

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Written for part three of The Black Ankh.

I will come
Like a thief in the night,
Like a stalker of shadows,
Unexpected, unheard of and unseen.
I will take
That which is yours,
Your breath, your mind, your life,
And vanish, that you think me a dream.
I will steal
Those dear to you,
Your people, your family, your friends,
And I will cherish your scream.
I will live
Your life for you
And you will fade away forever,
As if you'd never been.

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"Night Eternal"

Written Oct 2001 as a farewell poem.

The light slowly fades
From the skies, from my sight,
Giving way to inexorable,
Unavoidable night.
The soft darkess beckons,
Gently whispers of peace,
I long to embrace it,
To see this day cease.
I grow tired and weary,
My soul yearns for sleep,
But do not keep vigil-
It's one you can't keep.
My time here is over
And I must take flight.
I'll take only mem'ries
Accrued 'gainst this night.
Remember me always,
E'en unto the end,
And I'll remain always
And ever your friend.

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Written in 2001 for a friend.

A sad thing it is, when people lose hope.
Soul crushed with despair,
Thinking no one is there,
Yet afraid to look... of being burned again.

A sad thing it is, when people lose love.
The emptiness inside,
The pain in their eyes,
Yet afraid to open their hearts... of being hurt again.

A sad thing it is, when people lose faith.
Their certainty gone,
Thinking they're wrong,
Yet afraid to trust... of being mistaken again.

A joyous thing it is, when such a one returns.
Risking the same,
Humiliation and pain,
Yet unafraid to live... of being born again.

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"PMS Warrioress"

Written during... that time of month, while I was playing Drakan.

Let all beware the warrioress
Cursed with mighty PMS.
Her temper is a thing to flee,
Her erratic moods a mystery.
Her sword will flail and swipe the sky
She'll bounce and roll and run and die.
She'll cleave her foes with epic skill,
Trail yards of guts o'er every hill.
Then, once by the others she's been flattered,
She'll do a 180 and get promptly splattered.
Coordination gone, unbalanced and all,
From first place to last she'll quickly fall.
But don't turn your back e'en when she's dead,
Lest PMS once more rear its ugly head.

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"Sands of Flame"

Written for part four of The Black Ankh.

Beauty rivalling deapest seas
This vast expanse of sand...
Sun-bleached, wind-blown, dead and dry,
Here you drown on land.

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"Shadow of Light"

Written in 2001 for no particular reason.

Despair's the path of life I walk,
The shadows in which dwell
A goal I seek with all my heart -
Escape from any hell.

Fear and terror bar my way,
And darkness blinds my sight,
But all these things will flee before
The shadow of a light.

The journey's rife with sorrow... pain...
At times it's hard to cope...
But I'll endure... search deeper still...
Where burns the flame of hope.

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"Splinters of Night"

Written for part one of The Black Ankh.

The daemon that lives inside
your soul
Who'll always 'gainst you fight.
The heart of darkness that
dwells within
E'en if one serves the light.
Evil - your mortal foe
but is
It falling to your might?
These ebon thorns are
yours alone
Your Splinters of the Night.

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"Storm Goddess"

Written for no particular reason.

Stormclouds gather, come to me,
Cloak the land and shadow sea,
Blind the day and postpone night,
Show this world your fierce might!

Flood deserts with sheets of rain,
Burn ice lands with lightning-flame,
Send winds shrieking 'cross this nation,
Roar aloud your domination!

Swell rivers to overflowing,
Knock down mountains just by blowing,
See the humans stare and cower,
Awe-struck by your wondrous power!

Time has come to grant them peace;
Rains die down and lightning cease,
Winds fall quiet, stormclouds part,
Give them one last piece of art.

Use the light of sun to show
With your last rain a vast rainbow.
So as we end this little story,
Heaven's painted with your glory.

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"The Call of the Grey Hunters"

Written in 2003 for the Grey Hunters, monsters in The Black Ankh
and introduced to the unfortunate players of Ultima Legacy.

Before the flame of dragonkind was extinguished,
In the age before the aeth'er'eal Voice was heard,
And the time when Atarka had not yet become an Empire,
The call of the Grey Hunters sounded.

Lying in wait, hidden by tree and root and branch,
Secreted away by the dark and shadows of Jea'sen,
Living off pain and death, yet dead to life,
The call of the Grey Hunters sounded.

In minds with no memory of times past, nor recollection of kin,
No desires, no needs, no joy but in bloodshed,
Without reason, fear, friend or hope of release,
The call of the Grey Hunters sounded.

From bodies long bereft of soul, hard as heat-forged steel,
Claws that rend and fangs that slice, feline eyes that burn like fire,
Tails that whip with a sword's deadly kiss,
The call of the Grey Hunters sounded.

Striking without warning, leaping from on high,
Weapons undirected, unrestrained and seeking lives,
Slashing at their prey and draining them all dry,
The call of the Grey Hunters sounded.

Echoing in the minds of Men and Women, Child and Beast,
The voiceless hunger finds its tongue, speaking without breath,
Aware of every thought and deed, piercing lie and truth:

'You cannot run! We hear your hearts.
You cannot fight! We know your minds.
You will not live! We scent your blood.
Feed us with your screams of pain,
Sate us with your agony.
Drain your lives to feed our deaths,
Meat-things, flee the sh'ay-summini.'

The call of the Grey Hunters sounded.

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"The Caverns of Freitag"

Written in 1999 for part one of Dragonfire.

Hearken to the song of Earth,
Whose patient tune is of hope and birth.
Ground to hold us where we may lay,
A path of Stones to guide our way,
So that we may wander,
And never be lost.

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"The War Begins"

Written in 2003 during the Atarkan War in Ultima Legacy.
What can I say? I got bored at work :).
To the tune of 'American Pie'.

Present time and present day,
In a parallel reality,
Britannia was under an attack.
And I thought our king Lord British
Would ask the Avatar to squish
The Guardian, and maybe give him a good whack.
But the Avatar could not be found.
Trapped in Pagan, likely drowned.
LB was stumped for ideas.
(How'd he stay king all these years?)
Atarkans finally took their cue,
They conquered Minoc, Britain too...
The losers all wound up in Yew.
Oh yes... Britannia's screwed.

Ah, now, now, let's please not have a row.
True we're not dead yet, so mayb' we'll get new heroes somehow.
Round them up, and then say unto them thou,
"Who will save Britannia now?
Who will save Britannia now?"

Well, let's see, there's Warder, right?
Weapons master, former knight...
And he can change his shape they say.
Then there's Le'la, strong and spry,
She almost took out Larn's right eye;
Her bow is feared in almost every fray.
Sir Aliai's a respected man,
Even if he's an ol' tin can,
Then there's Mythrantar, true...
Of knights we've quite a few!
But careful of the buckets, for
Some of them have been found traitor,
They're all gone though, now, I'm sure...
Uh huh... Britannia's screwed.

So we sing... Now, now, let's please not have a row.
True we're not dead yet, so mayb' we'll get new heroes somehow.
Round them up, and then say unto them thou,
"Who will save Britannia now?
Who will save Britannia now?"

There's Lord Cordain, a funny one,
He's some skeleton king's grandson...
That skull's a nifty paperweight.
The Black Dragons - his merry fold,
He dresses them in black and gold.
Maybe one of them could aid us in our fate?
Oh, Raven Hall's another guild,
But now their reputation's killed,
Yeah, people think they're bad...
That or Utarn's mad.
See, Terilem will go to trial
And 'clear' the situation while
The others stand around and smile...
Mmhm... Britannia's screwed.

And we sing... Now, now, let's please not have a row.
True we're not dead yet, so mayb' we'll get new heroes somehow.
Round them up, and then say unto them thou,
Who will save Britannia now?
Who will save Britannia now?"

So now we're all in Trinsic fair,
With 'heroes' gath'ed from everywhere...
They really are a motley bunch.
They solve the occasion'l quest,
They right wrongs (well, they do their best),
But what 'bout when we get to the crunch?
Hm, they have their share of scars,
These, our stand-in Avatars...
They will set our land free.
(What other choices have we?)
The person that we need the most
Is really Elora (ok, I boast
But I'm allowed since it's my post ).
D'ya think... Britannia's screwed?

So let's sing... Now, now, let's please not have a row.
True we're not dead yet, so mayb' we'll get new heroes somehow.
Round them up, and then say unto them thou,
Who will save Britannia now?
Who will save Britannia now..?"

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"Thou Art Welcome Here"

Written April 2002 for the front page of my old website.

Enter, friend, and set aside
All trouble, toil and trial.
Forget the worries of thy life
And tarry here awhile.

For here thou canst find poetry
To make thee laugh or weep,
Heroic tales abide here, too,
And herein dragons sleep.

It matters not from whence thou'st come,
Livest thou far or near,
Enter, rest and be at peace,
For thou art welcome here.

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"To be Free..."

Written during a tough time in The Blood That Binds...

Ever get the feeling
That, though not unwelcome,
You're not welcome?

Surrounded by friends,
Yet you feel isolated... alone...
And no one seems to care.

Where anyone will listen,
Anyone will talk,
But acting seems to be too much effort.

At least, for most.

So lose yourself in mindless battle;
Pit strength against will...
Test yourself.

How long before the mockery comes?
The resentment of your skill or luck,
Fortune or helpful mischances?

How long before you flee a weapon that cuts
Deeper than the finest steel...
E'en to the depths of your being?

How long before you yourself cease to acknowledge the hurt,
Become outwardly impervious with
No wound to be seeing?

How long before you become the weapon,
Become one with what you despise,
Don chains from which there's no fleeing?

How long before you rise above it,
The hardest task of all...

For it's not mere acceptance of what is
With a shrug and a laugh,
Unless the indifference and humour is true.

Neither is it a stoney silence,
Unless you no longer feel
The pain in the words shot at you.

Courtesy, Honour, Excellence,
Don't have the same meanings to all
But a few.

It's here that the crux is.

Who holds the authority?
The majority? The Powers?
Not the one...

And the one will never be accepted
Unless they become the majority.
And think like everyone else.

Yet there is odd comfort
In going against the flow
And just being one.

Not being part of everyone.
Just being someone.
Even if it is alone.

See yourself through your own eyes,
Not veiled by others' opinions.
Face to face.

You remember to listen to your own heart.
You remember... there is strength in one.
There is honour in one.
And courtesy.
If not excellence.

And you remember what it was like
To be free...

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Written for part two of The Black Ankh.

Cold be our hearts,
Bright be our eyes,
Pale be our skins,
Breathless, our sighs.
Power, our hunger,
Hate be our drives,
Magic be lifeblood,
Death be our lives.

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"Water Music"

Written in High School as part of an English assignment.

The sun calls to us with the heat of her fire,
We go, we fly, we quench her desire.
The wind cools us with his fresh breath of air,
We calm, we clothe him in clouds full of flair.
The ground beckons us with his body of earth,
We fall, we soothe, we aid his rebirth.
And so we'll continue, lonely yet free,
Until our journey takes us to the sea.
The sea summons us as the water she craves,
We'll come, forever alive in her waves.

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"World of Shattered Friendships"

Written in 2001 during a time when friendships were breaking around me,
and I was in the middle.

Again I wander alone...
Across the Plain of Conflicting Opinions,
The Mountains of Misunderstanding,
The Desert of Proud Hearts,
The Seas of Stubborness,
The World of Shattered Frienships...
And I can't help feeling grateful that I'm wandering alone.

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