Drakan II: The Rekindling
By Laura Campbell, aka Shadow of Light Dragon



Ethereal winds blew in the darkness. Rynn could feel them whip at her hair... could feel the merciless cold despite the warmth provided by the dragon she rode. His wings beat invisibly on either side of her, his neck stretched out in front where a faint fiery glow came from his eyes.

The only light she had to see by in this black void.

And somewhere far below them was her brother, falling endlessly. What hope did they have of finding one small boy in the dark recesses of infinity?

Rynn shook that thought from her mind and stared determinedly into the void. They would find him...

But even if they did...

"Arokh?" she said.

The dragon glanced back at her for a second. It looked wierd; two flaming eyes peering at her from nothing. "What, Rynn?"

"How will we get out of here?"


Rynn touched the pommel of the enchanted sword strapped to her back and ran her fingers over the Rift Crystal embedded there. She'd used it to exorcise the Dark Lord Navaros from her brother's body, only to watch Delon himself stumble back and fall into the void. Remembering his anguished cry of her name as he'd plumetted from sight made tears blur her eyes.

"The sword can't help us find him?" she asked in a slightly hoarse voice.

Arokh sighed. Rynn could feel it vibrate through his body. "No. It can open a Rift and it can close one. That's about all."

"But Navaros..." Rynn had fought Navaros when he'd possessed Delon and Runeblade had seperated the Dark Lord's soul from her brother's body.

"We were already in the Rift then," Arokh reminded her gently. "Now we're deeper."

"Can something infinite have depth?"

The dragon didn't reply.

"Will we find Delon?" she almost pleaded.

"I don't know," he rumbled softly. "I think we'll need help. We have to know where he is, and how to find him. This..." his glowing eyes glanced around at the darkness, "...this could take forever."

"There has to be a way to find him," Rynn said with new energy. "Navaros's servants found a way to talk with Navaros, and he was trapped in the Rift."

Arokh didn't mention that Navaros had been one of the most powerful archmagi the world of Drakan had ever seen. He just nodded. "True. Very true..."

Rynn drew Runeblade from its scabbard and looked at the dimly glowing ice-blue blade. "I don't know where this will open," she said, and held it up high.

Beams of brilliant light shot from the Rift Crystal, streaking through the void like the beams of a lighthouse. It started to hum softly and Rynn swung the sword downward.

The darkness rippled like a disturbed pond, then twisted into a massive, black-purple-silver vortex that caused the wind to blow more violently than before.

"I'll be back, Delon," Rynn whispered as she held tight to Arokh...

...and they flew through the Rift gate.

Journey Onwards