Splinters of Night
Sands of Flame
Death's Avatar
Dark Tide
Duel of Fates

"The Black Ankh" and the above image are Shadow of Light Dragon, aka Laura Campbell.
The original image of the bracer (adapted in the picture above) is FlameBlight Dragon.
The character of Arthalan is and used with permission of FlameBlight Dragon
The name Tir Mordreth is and used with permission of Goldenflame Dragon
The name Lord British is Richard Garriott.
All names, events, places etc. pertaining to the games of Ultima are Origin Systems.
The music on this page is an adaption of 'Boadicea', Enya. I think of the original as Mellorin's themesong. ;)

Special thanks to the following:
Tailrace Dragon, Official Editor. ;)
Nightfire Dragon, for a lot of the editing, and kicking me when I could do better.
Goldenflame Dragon, for several looong emails on the origin of the Guardian, and many ideas.
FlameBlight Dragon, mostly for kicking me, :) but also for the great inspiration of her own writings and art.
Arkandor Dragon, Official Nitpicker. :)
Rupert Wanderer, Occasional Nitpicker. :)
Evil_Freak Dragon, for hosting this humble fanfic on his own website.
Paulon and Houston Dragon for suppling some valuable info from the UW2 hintbooks.
The Ultima IX: Redemption team and Ultima Legacy for using the world of Atarka as the 'official' home of Killorn Keep! *beams happily*
Everyone else who's ever commented in any way on this fic! Thank you!!